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So many investment options where do I go?

Trading, execution & support services for retail and institutional traders

Treasury agent: Institutional Forex conversion rates at institutional prices

Managed Alternative Investments: Leveraging off our proprietary quantitive and qualitive strategies to give you uncorrelated returns

Research and analytics: Cutting through the noise

Trade and invest locally and globally with state of the art platforms


who are we?

About us

Skycastle is a South African based group of companies that consists of two separate FSP’s namely Skycastle Investments FSP#36132 and Skycastle International Investments FSP#48889.

Specializing in investment and execution solutions in South African and global financial markets, providing services that are critical to investors around the globe. We offer our clients a host of opportunities in multiple products within Asset & Wealth Management, specifically our flagship Absolute Portfolios, Alternative Investment Portfolios, and execution solutions.

why us?

Why Skycastle?

  • Offering bespoke portfolios to high net worth individuals
  • Unique approach to asset allocation and nimble in execution 
  • Forex conversions at institutional rates
  • Leverage off a successful investment team with years of experience investing both locally and offshore.
  • Access to Multiple Service Providers leveraging off industry-leading fintech solutions to be able to tailor the best solution for client’s.
  • Utilizing – Quantitative and qualitative strategies
  • Market-leading 4 quadrant alternative approach to investing
  • Full Transparency

Who do We Work With?

We have partnered with all the major top-tiered investment firms & banks in the financial markets globally to be able to assist our clients, with access to multiple fintech solutions and institutions where they feel comfortable and understand the offering.


What kind of returns can we Expect?

Strategic Partners

Leveraging off multiple service providers to make sure each clients needs are met


Skycastle is a South African based group of companies specializing in Investment and Trading solutions in South African and Global financial markets, providing services that are critical to Investors and active traders across the globe.

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